Fishing Accessories
Miller Marine Products Accessories include: Weight Boxes, Cup Holders, Scent Bottle Holders, Leader & Line Spool Holders,  and Blank Mounts. All products are machined from Seaboard®.

Seaboard® is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet formulated to meet the specific requirements of marine and other outdoor environments. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Stability Seaboard® is stress relieved and UV stabilized specifically for harsh marine environments. Strength Seaboard® is the toughest marine high density polyethylene (HDPE) available on the market. Inert Seaboard® is impervious to the salt and moisture on boats. Thermal resistance Seaboard® has a high heat distortion temperature to resist “softening”. Hardness Seaboard® resists scratching better than other marine polymers. Food Safe Seaboard® sheets meet FDA requirements for use in applications where they may come in contact with food. Consistency Seaboard® sheets are extruded and exhibit consistent color and dimensional characteristics.