Langes Products

"Langes Production Specialties cast their products from machined steel molds using 356 aluminum ingot. Parts are then machined and welded for maximum strength specifications."

1.75" Pulley Block

Product ID: 1_75__pulley_block

1.75" Pulley Block (Flat)

Product ID: 1_75__pulley_block__flat

10" Deck Cleat

Product ID: 10__deck_cleat

2" Hot House Pulley Block

Product ID: 2__hot_house_pulley_block

2" Pulley Block

Product ID: 2__pulley_block

5/8" Bronze Oarlock

Product ID: 5_8__bronze_oarlock

8" (top) and 6" (bottom) Deck Cleats

Product ID: 8___top__and_6___bottom__deck_cleats

8" Tapped Deck Cleat

Product ID: 8__tapped_deck_cleat

Anchor Release

Product ID: anchor_release

Anchor Release with Front Mount Pulley

Product ID: anchor_release_with_front_mount_pulley

Anchor Release with Top Mount Pulley

Product ID: anchor_release_with_top_mount_pulley

Bottom Mount Pulley Block

Product ID: bottom_mount_pulley_block

Bow Anchor Release

Product ID: bow_anchor_release

Bow Anchor Release Removable

Product ID: bow_anchor_release_removable

Cup Holder No Flange

Product ID: cup_holder_no_flange

Cup Holder with Flange

Product ID: cup_holder_with_flange

Dbl Boweye, Heavy-duty Boweye, X-large Heavy-duty Boweye

Product ID: dbl_boweye__heavy_duty_boweye__x_large_heavy_duty_boweye

Eye Hook

Product ID: eye_hook

Foot Pedal

Product ID: foot_pedal

Foot Release Mounting Grid

Product ID: foot_release_mounting_grid

Front Mount Pulley

Product ID: front_mount_pulley


Product ID: hook

Jam Cleat

Product ID: jam_cleat

Jam Cleat 1" Base

Product ID: jam_cleat_1__base

Motor Clamp Pad

Product ID: motor_clamp_pad

Oarlock Block / Oarlock Bushing

Product ID: oarlock_block___oarlock_bushing

Remote Bracket with Pulley and Cleat

Product ID: remote_bracket_with_pulley_and_cleat

Side Anchor Release

Product ID: side_anchor_release

Side Anchor Release with Top Mount Pulley

Product ID: side_anchor_release_with_top_mount_pulley

Sled Bow Roller

Product ID: sled_bow_roller