Rail System

Rail System

The rail system will make your rod holder infinitely adjustable along the length of the rail. We have rod holder base adapters for ®Folbe, ®Scotty & ®Fish-On rod holder bases.

The rail is an extruded aluminum linear dovetail track designed specially for this system. The extrusion is made from solid 6061 T-6 aluminum. The rail is offered in pre-drilled 4 foot and 6 foot sizes or undrilled lengths up to 24 feet in length. Lengths longer than 8′ will need to be shipped frieght or picked up from our facility in Vancouver, WA. The rail is 1″ wide and 1/2″ thick the edges have a radius leaving no sharp edges to lean against. Our rail is the least obtrusive sliding rail system on the market.

Our rod holder adapters are machined from a solid block of aircraft grade 6061 T-6 aluminum and then clear anodized for corrosion resistance and good looks. The rod holder adapters are drilled and tapped for 1/4″-20 SS machine screws that are included with each mount. The rod holder mount adapters are drilled with the universal bolt pattern spacing that fits most rod holder mounts made by Scotty®, Fish-On® & Folbe® companies.

Our rail system has been developed with multiple uses in mind we have, weight boxes, cup holders, scent bottle holders, leader & line spool holders we even have a blank mount to allow you to mount anything you like such as fillet knives or a portable radio for example. We have a number of new products planned for the new rail system check back periodically and see what is next.

Important shipping notice please read before ordering any rail.
A rail shipping container must be purchased when ordering any rail length over 6 foot. Purchase a rail shipping container that matches the longest length of rail you are ordering the rail will show free shipping in order for us to ship the least expensive method possible and have the cart calculate shipping properly we need to use this method this will allow you to order multiple rail lengths that will all ship in the same box. If you have any questions on this policy please contact us before ordering. Rail orders made without the purchase of a proper length rail shipping container will not be shipped until the container is purchased.

Sliding Rail Rod Holder Base Mount

Product ID: MMP-1020E

Rail End Bullet Tip (pair)

Product ID: MMP-1021-BTB

New Product!!
Sliding Rail Extrusion (Undrilled)

Product ID: MMP-1021-P

Custom length drilled Rail

Product ID: MMP-1021-D

Custom Drill Charge

Product ID: 5

Rail shipping container 7 Ft.

Product ID: 6

This shipping container must be purchased to ship rails with a maximum length of 7 foot this...
Sliding Rail Tie Off Cleat

Product ID: MMP-1026

New sliding rail tie off cleat.
Rail shipping container 8 Ft.

Product ID: 7

This shipping container must be purchased to ship rails with a maximum length of 8 foot this...
Sliding Rail Chocking Cleat Kit

Product ID: MMP-1026-KIT

Sliding Rail Accessory Mount

Product ID: MMP-1022

Net & Gaff Holder Rail Mount

Product ID: MMP-1072