Strong Arm Rod Holder & Mounting Systems

NEW!! Strong Arm Mounting System
The Strong Arm Mounting System is a multi-use mounting system design for mounting our line of Fillet & Rigging tables, Rod Holders, Fish Finders, BBQ’s or anything that needs a strong adjustable mount. The Strong arm Mounting System is a multi-component system that allows a lot of flexibility. The customer is able to choose each component and extension length to make that custom fit possible. The aluminum mounting system is machined from 6061 T6 and anodized heavy with a clear marine anodize.

The Strong Arm Mounting System has been designed to be adjustable every 10 degrees making it more adjustable than the standard plastic rod holders available on the market at this time. The Strong Arm Mounting System is very user friendly with many easy to adjust jointery. The Strong Arm Mounting System allows you to choose from five different lengths of extensions called Dog Bones 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” & 12” extensions are available, these extensions can be combined and each joint adjustable in 36 positions or every 10 degrees.
The Strong Arm Mounting System adjustability is made by moving the part around a bolt hole circle lining the holes up with the SS angle pins each joint pivots off a center 5/16” Stainless Steel bolt and each angle pin is made up of 2 – ¼” knobs or bolts. The ¼” bolts can be shifted by 10 degrees in either direction of the center ¼” hole by moving the ¼” SS angle pins.

All Base mounts include a clear anodized hand knob and 2 – ¼” bolts used as angle pins. All joints except the base mounts will come standard with a center 5/16” SS button socket head center bolt and 2 – ¼” SS button socket head pin bolts. In this configuration you must make adjustments with an allen wrench.

These joints can be upgraded to be semi hand adjustable or full adjustable by adding the hand knob center bolt semi adjustable or full adjustable with hand knobs on the ¼”angle pins. The reason not all components come with the full adjustable knobs is cost. Not all fishermen are going to want to add the expense of hand knobs to each joint by making this an option it keeps cost down for those willing to use an allen wrench to make adjustments.

If using only the button head SS fasteners the parts are bolted together using the 3 included bolts. When using a hand center knob attach all the bolts into the threaded holes then mate the bolt hole circle to the desired position and attach the center knob to hold the joint together, in this configuration it is semi adjustable meaning you must use an allen wrench to change the angle pin position but you will not need any tools to move the joint around the bolt hole circle.

Each joint can be made fully adjustable by adding the center hand knob(part # MMP-3104) and the hand knobs for the ¼” angle pins(part # MMP-3105). Using all the hand knobs allows easy adjustability to any angle using no tools.