About Us

Miller Marine Products was founded in February 2006 with the creation of the first Anchor Locker.  We are a maker of innovative fishing products made in the US, our focus is making your boat easier to fish. We manufacture an anchoring system to make anchoring easy and safe, and we focus on making your rod holders and other accessories more usable and at your fingertips by unique mounting systems and storage devices.

We are a small family run business and our name goes on each product we make, and we won’t make or sell products that we cannot stand behind. You can rest assured the products you purchase from Miller Marine Products will be of the highest quality.

We make our products from the best materials we can buy. We make everything as if we are planning on using the products ourselves. When designing new products we think of quality and functionality first, price comes second. If we can’t make our products so they last at an affordable price we won’t make that product.

Our Anchor Locker is the most popular anchoring system on the Columbia River for a reason it works better. We try and use intelligent design to simplify procedures all fisherman face while anchor fishing. I feel our anchoring system adds an extra level of safety by simplifying the process. If you are buying an anchoring system that will last a life time shouldn’t it be warrantied for a lifetime? The Anchor Locker carries a no nonsense warranty no mater how many boats you have mounted it too.

We have very generous warranties on all our products, lifetime on most products. The life of the material that is used is our only limiting factor. Our tables carry a five year warranty for material and workmanship, and most times if we can fix a customer error we do free of charge.

We believe in happy customers. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or suggestions. Remember we spend a lot of time on research and development and some suggestions just do not work and many of them we have tried in our development phase. Most of our products take at least 2 years to go from drawing board to the market.

Many of our products are not available anywhere else, that is because we are not looking to make the same thing as our competitors we are trying to lead the way in new products.

Miller Marine uses recycled plastic on many products when it is available and we recycle all of our scrap plastic & aluminum including the shavings. We have near zero landfill waist from the production of our products and zero water pollution.

I hope you like our products…We are very proud of what we make.